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Copper Turquoise Wire Sculpted Heart Necklace

Copper Turquoise Wire Sculpted Heart Necklace

SKU: AMD1003

This hand-hammered heart frame of durable copper wire is crafted with love and care, adorned with turquoise jasper, silver, and crystal beads, and set upon an adjustable 18-20 inch leather necklace. Let this stunning piece fill you with passion and joy!

The beauty of handcraft is the small difference between each piece.

Original Design by Alexa Martha Butler

  • Sturdy 14 gauge solid copper wire
  • The width of the heart is about 2 inches
  • The size of the pendant is about 2inches 
  • The double copper infinity symbol is about 1 inch in size
  • 4mm sterling silver beads
  • 4 mm turquoise jasper gemstone beads
  • 4 aqua Swarovski crystals round beads
  • Sterling silver wrapping wire
  • 18 inches 3mm black leather cord
  • Copper Crimped Endcaps
  • 2 inches copper Rollo chain extension
  • Necklace length is 18-20 inches
  • Made in the USA - Montana
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